*Keepsakesbystef Limited License 20 Items

*Keepsakesbystef Limited License 20 Items

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Keepsakesbystef Limited License - Commercial use 20 digital items for under 500 sales

You will receive a PDF of the license. Not physical item will be mailed to you.

• Use downloaded design and print/transfer it on a physical item without making modifications and subsequently sell that physical item.
• Download a design, modify it, and print/transfer it on physical item and subsequently sell that physical item.
• Sell 500 copies of at least 20 physical item(s) that you create with my design.
• The physical product can be sold worldwide for 500 times (for example, product packaging, apparel, and more).
• Create physical products that you give away, to friends or as part of a promotional product.
• Create and upload designs to POD sites that are vastly different from the original.
• Generate 500 sales via POD sites
• Ship valid POD products worldwide.
• Use designs to create a new design. For example, you are allowed to use flourish elements to create a flourish design as part of a themed wedding template.
• Create new designs combining multiple downloaded resources and adding items of your own, as long as the new design is flattened and the original items cannot be extracted.

• Provide a digital copy of the design of the original font/design with
• Resell, sub-license, share or re-distribute any of the digital files.
• Convert individual letters/numbers of fonts to different formats (for example SVG, Embroidery formats, etc) and sell the files.
• Install or embed on 3rd party platforms/servers
• Create end products that compete with the original product. For example, you cannot bundle multiple designs and sell that as a new product, or simply change basic elements such as color and size and sell that as a new product.
• You cannot sell in a way that is directly competitive with the original item that you downloaded. For example, you cannot grab a resume template, change the elements and sell it as another resume template.
• Create a digital product that includes single elements or allows users to extract the elements that you've used (all designs must be flattened).

If you have any questions or concerns about the information above, you may contact us at info@keepsakesbystef.com